Air Travel Hacks 2: Babies Back on Board

Air Travel Hacks 2: Babies Back on Board

October 21, 2016




Set your tray-tables to the upright position and fasten your seatbelts: we’ve got another load of air travel hacks to squeeze into your hand-luggage.



5 More Air Travel Hacks to Pack with Your Passport



  • See what you can get away with. Airlines are used to families, and it’s in their interest to make sure you and your brood are comfortable, if only so you disturb their other customers a little less. Some airlines will let you take a small stroller on board, while others- especially international lines- will do a whole lot more.


  • Travelling with a child who’ll need a nappy change? Be warned: most plane bathrooms do not have a changing table. However, there is usually a bathroom with a changer somewhere on the plane, so ask staff to help you find it. On some flights there may be no changer at all (always worth ringing ahead to be sure) in which case you’re going to need a mat and probably some Valium.


  • Upgrade if you can. The days where a winning smile could get you a cheeky upgrade are long gone, especially when you’ve got your ankle-biters along for the ride. Still, if you can afford it, some people say that travelling first or business class is well worth the salty looks from other passengers. It may lighten your wallet, but the extra space and comfort that comes from upgrading can help to make travel a more peaceful experience.


  • Take any opportunity to take stress out of the equation. The volume of people at an airport can be intimidating to a travelling family, so try and book your flight on a quieter day of the week, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday. To make security checks a little less painful, get rid of any extra bits and pieces from your pockets and put everyone in slip on/Velcro shoes.


Think about your journey from home to holiday. Where are issues most likely? When the long walk from the car with half a ton of luggage and children running off in different directions brings a tear to your eye, consider paying for valet service. Try to eliminate trouble spots where you can.


  • Organise your hand luggage. Minutes spent getting a bit Sheldon Cooper with your diaper-bag is time you’ll claw back when you aren’t rummaging around for spare socks as your brood play peanut volleyball over the plane seats. Separate items with zip-lock bags (which will also stop them getting leaked on) and pack according to priority.



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