Beauty Tips to Enhance Your Pregnancy Glow

Beauty Tips to Enhance Your Pregnancy Glow

November 18, 2016


Pregnancy can be hard on the old self-image, but don’t get downhearted. With a little know-how and a lot of self-love, you’ll soon be feeling right as rain.


The Goodness of Glam During Pregnancy


When you’re expecting, a lot of things can get pushed onto the back-burner. At times, I ended up thinking that I didn’t deserve to spend time or money on what others might uncharitably call vanity. With hindsight I realise that the desire to look good- bump or no bump- isn’t always just narcissism. With huge life changes on the horizon, it can feel like your entire identity is about to be swallowed by a mountain of ‘mom’. Keeping control of how you look may help you feel a bit more confident about life in general.


Top Tips for Loving Your Pregnant Reflection


Liven up tired skin. Growing a human being is surprisingly hard work; looking in the mirror can also be a bit of a chore if you and your skin are feeling drained. Try an eye concealer to cancel out dark shadows; the original and arguably best is the YSL Touche Eclat, but if you're a cheapskate like me you might consider this blatant case of copyright infringement.  Blusher and a flattering lipstick will also add instant brightness and colour to your face. If you find yourself resembling the walking dead, a touch of blusher over the t-zone will make you look a bit healthier too.


Buy some maternity clothes. Being stingy as usual, I didn’t buy a single item of special clothing. Instead I just nicked my husband’s t-shirts and made do with leggings and tunics a few sizes larger than normal. However, when a kind relative handed hers down to me, I felt like a totally different person. Sometimes you just need something to fit (even if it is only for a few weeks). Dresses can be particularly useful as they can still be used post-bump, and will hang comfortably over a new mom’s tum. JoJo Maman Bébé do a beautiful soft cotton wrap dress that’s also suitable for nursing.


Minimise pregnancy acne. The upswing in hormones in your body can bring out spots and pimples, so it may be time to switch up your usual make-up. To hide blemishes, dab on a good concealer that matches your skin tone and follow with foundation and powder. You might also consider a ‘corrector’ with a green base, which beneath the rest of your make up should eliminate some of the red tones of inflamed skin (FYI: I have tried these only to end up looking like an alien, so take care). If you don’t normally use powder, it can come in handy for taking the sheen away from oily skin and fixes your make-up in place better.


Celebrate the gift of great nails and hair. The increased oestrogen zooming around your body means that hair and nails grow more than usual during pregnancy. It’s time then, to let your hair down (literally) and maybe enjoy wearing a more daring shade of nail polish. If nothing else, remember to immortalise the one time your paper thin nails are manicure worthy.



Self-esteem often takes a battering in pregnancy, so it’s understandable to feel a bit down about your appearance. Don’t forget though that growing a baby is one of the most incredible things a body can do, so if your hair’s undone or you don’t get round to putting your face on, it isn’t exactly a big deal. At other times when a girl’s got to look gorgeous, it may just take some adjustments to make the most of your new look.

Have you got your own tips for flaunting your inner goddess while fending off morning sickness? Got a tale of make-up misfortune to share? Get in touch in the comments, or we’d love to hear from you on Twitter @CheskiSockCo.