Baby Shower Ideas

Cool and Unique Baby Shower Ideas

September 12, 2016


Whether you’re a seasoned baby-bash thrower or you’ve never showered in your life, creating a memorable baby shower can be challenging.


Once you’ve got the date, the guest-list and the location nailed down you might be feeling a little washed out. Never fear; the Cheski team are on the case and have tracked down some of the coolest, most unusual baby shower ideas on the web.


Make a Splash with these Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A theme can be a great jumping off point for an unusual baby shower. Why not choose a favourite childhood book such as the Velveteen Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh. If you aren’t sure what gender the baby will be, or your mom-to-be just isn’t into the usual baby shower fare, a Murder Mystery theme might be perfect.


A centrepiece gets the party started. If you’ve ever planned an event and found yourself with a room which is marginally tidier than normal and has a sad bunch of random balloons in the corner (how we roll in my house) then you’re missing a centrepiece.


These can be large and elaborate like this fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed diaper cake from PrincessAndThePBaby . Alternatively, you could make your own simple baby shower centerpieces like this bucket of beautiful onesie lollipops. This decoration also works well with washcloths.


Why not decorate with gifts and make a garland of baby socks. This one from Martha Stewart makes a fabulous advent calendar, but it could so easily be used for a countdown to the due date.


The humble onesie or bodysuit isn’t just a very practical way of keeping a baby warm: it can also be used for creating snazzy bunting and super bouquets.


Get your brolly out! Umbrellas can be a great decoration for a baby shower. They’re cheap and add great colour and personality. Parasols and umbrellas are also perfect because the term ‘shower’ is thought to have come from the Victorian Era, where women were showered with gifts contained in a parasol.


Looking Good. What Next?


No baby shower would be complete without some games. There’s a whole host of traditional ones that are sure to delight, but if you’re looking for something more unusual,  why not try ‘Bobbing for Pacifiers’, or ‘Who’s Watching The Baby’.


A make-your-own onesie bar can make memorable gifts and a great talking point. For a more sophisticated girly treat, a perfume bar service could be an amazing way to spoil a woman who’s been deprived of wine for months.


Cake’s never a bad idea, and baby showers are no exception. A crowd of cupcakes can make a big impression with even a cheap cardboard stand. Baby related items such as pacifiers can make excellent ideas for baby shower cake decorations.  If you’ve got a bit more time (and skill), you could always try something a bit more elaborate, such as this incredible Baby Shower Meringue Cake.


Get Ready to Party!


Put down the tape and the scissors and grab your heels- yes you too, Dad. Armed with inspiration from our article, you can rest assured your shower will be a success. Just remember to keep the decaf pouring and the alcohol under wraps and you’ll be fine.


Did you try any of the crafts mentioned here? Have you got any great ideas for themes? Let us know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook.