Extravagant Baby Gifts to BLOW YOUR MIND

Extravagant Baby Gifts to BLOW YOUR MIND

November 04, 2016

  1. Fasten the seatbelt in your Rolls Royce and make sure your champagne flute’s primed as we swagger into the astonishing realm of super-luxury baby gifts.


Baby gifts for the parents who have it all

It’s not very surprising that Kim and Kanye had some pretty extraordinary baby gifts. The whole list is astounding, but the jewel in this particular crown has to be the Swarovski Crystal studded high-chair from Beyoncé and Jay-Z . Spare a thought Kimye and their maids though; can you imagine scrubbing oatmeal from out between those bits of glass? Total nightmare. If you fancy chipping mashed potato off of something that’s worth more than some cars, it’s probably best to contact Swarovski. Alternatively, contact Cheski, and I’ll craft you one for a fraction of the price (please supply rhinestones, Ikea high chair and superglue).


Having always thought that buying Baby Gap is supremely posh, my jaw dropped when I heard the £18,000 (around $23400) price tag of Prince George’s playhouse. Admittedly, many of the gifts Prince and Princess have received have been fairly sensible, like a blanket and Amish rocking chair and from the Obamas. Others have not been so practical. The Natural Sapphire Company’s first birthday present to Princess Charlotte was a $40,000 jewel encrusted rattle.


The Suommo La Perla Crib is probably the most expensive cot in the world at 60,000€ (around $67,400). It’s available in a range of finishes: white, black, silver and gold. Now when I say gold, I’m talking actual 18 carat gold plate. Its varnish is based on the mineral water of your choice, it takes six months to build and it’s upholstered in cashmere and wild silk. Worried that all that’s a waste of money? You should know that it comes fully assembled, the shipping’s free and a warranty’s included. So you know, bargain.


Suommo also make the world’s most expensive baby bottle. You can choose from a selection of sizes and metals, but the most valuable- the 200ml Rose Gold version- costs 300,000€ (roughly $337,000). It’s difficult to tell whether it’s useable or simply an unusual paperweight. Either way, it’s mind-boggling.


When buying gifts for infants out and about, surely the most extravagant baby vehicle sans-motor is the Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral. Silver Cross prams aren’t the cheapest anyway; even without the gold finish they can cost up to a dizzying £3000, or around $3,900. The Rose Gold Balmoral would set you back over $50,000.


And finally, we come to my favourite discovery on my quest for the most expensive baby gifts on the planet….


The Imaginarium 5 Sided Activity Centre from Toys ‘R’ Us. Yep, you read correctly. While hunting for the priciest baby gifts in existence I came across this on Amazon. It was designed by the minds behind CERN and hand-crafted by Michelangelo brought back from the dead. Or so I assume; the product information section was blank.



What do you think about the extraordinary amounts of cash lavished on babies by the rich and famous? Do you think that it’s all part of the glamour, or just a senseless waste? Let us know on Twitter or leave us a comment beneath.