Baby Gift Basket

Get Carried Away with a Baby Gift Basket

September 06, 2016


 We've taken the time and narrowed down the best baby gift basket options. 

If you’re anything like me, you agonize over choosing the perfect baby gift.

A basket can be ideal because it means that you can go nuts and buy everything that your heart desires, at least before the credit card company catches on. If that just sounds like more choosing to you, then a pre-made baby gift basket might be for you.

 Baby Gift Baskets Ready to Rock

 It’s possible to order a ready-made gift basket for nearly any occasion, baby showers included. If you’re rubbish at making nice-looking baskets- like moi- then this option can take the hassle out of it for you. For traditional baskets, specialist companies like Baby Bump Bundle offer a great range of attractive baskets including a selection for moms as well.  Two birds, one stone.

 For something a bit more uunique, Etsy’s always a good bet. You can pick up things like a basket of Ms Carla’s Baby Cakes - cupcakes cunningly fashioned out of baby clothes- or a baby gift bouquet from Busy Bee’s Gifts.

***Some pitfalls to avoid would be companies posing as highly curated "subscription boxes"  like Bluum Box.  They cost money, and can just be outlets for companies to dump their product samples . You might end up with a bunch of ramdom junk you didn't want such as weird face wash or a playtex sample bottle.


Fill your own


Of course, half the fun of baby gift baskets is the personal touch, tailoring it to the parents’ tastes. As I mentioned earlier, I’m terrible at this. Fortunately, there are loads of lovely people on the internet who aren’t and who like to put up tips on pinterest. There are even instructions out there to make a bunch of roses like the lovely bouquets mentioned earlier using baby socks, or create some impressive towel animals.


Baby socks, onesies and muslin squares all make great cheap additions to your basket. A few handy gifts like baby wash, wipes, and nappy cream will never go amiss if you’re aiming for a practical basket: you could even choose a useful container. On the other hand, a big basket of soothing beauty gifts for Mom-to-Be will definitely be a hit.

Hope you have fun making or shopping for your baby gift basket. If you find or make a unique basket, share it with us in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter @CheskiSockCo.







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