Baby Gift Ideas

Looking for Baby Gift Ideas? 10 Facts to Give You the Kick You Need.

August 08, 2016

Searching for that perfect baby gift idea can be a headache. What could be more inspiring than baby’s soft little feet? They’re not just cute either, but pretty interesting too.

Read on to discover ten fascinating titbits and great baby gifts ideas to go with them…

Baby Gift Ideas with Piggy Power:


  1. Feet don’t stop growing until the late teens, so get that credit card ready for a fair few years of shoe-related battering! If you know a new parent who is about to discover this, footwear gift vouchers might be a good idea for a present. If you choose a store or site that offers big discounts in flash sales, such as BabySteals, you can help them maximize their gift.


  1. Babies’ feet grow fast! They need their feet measured- preferably by a dedicated shoe fitter at a store- at least every 8 weeks. Alternatively these gorgeous hand-made moccasins by Totmocs are designed to grow with the baby’s foot.


  1. A pedicure makes a great gift for an expectant mother whose feet are out of reach. Babies’ toenails require attention too though. No need for French tips: keep toes trimmed to avoid in-growing toenails and nasty scratches. Prevent little talons with this unusual baby gift idea.


  1. The bones in kids’ feet don’t fully form until up to five years of age. Until then, make the most of them at their most adorable with these super foot rattles.


  1. Babies shouldn’t wear shoes until they start walking! Babies have very soft, mouldable feet, so giving them the room to flex and grow is crucial until they get a little older. If you had your heart set on little baby shoes but are worried about damaging their feet, these socks with funky shoe designs might just fit the bill.


  1. It’s normal for babies to appear flat-footed until toddlerhood as their arches are not fully formed and are covered by pudgy baby-fat. However, if you become concerned that they may be suffering from flat feet, it’s always best to consult a professional. For a foot-based gift that is anything but flat, check out this DIY Baby Feet Book Art.

  1. The last bone in the human body to transform from cartilage to bone is the navicular, in the centre of the foot. The word ‘navicular’ comes from the Latin for boat-shaped, and there are many interesting nautical baby gifts out there. Among the most unique are Moran Alhalel’s stunning origami boat mobiles.


  1. When learning to walk, babies often walk on tip-toes, a dainty change from their usual butt-waggling swagger. Give new parents a little peace of mind with some sturdy grippy socks for toddlers.


  1. Just as babies outgrow shoes, they also outgrow socks. A well-made pair make an excellent baby gift idea.


  1. Babies’ feet in Bali don’t touch the ground until they are 3 months old! This is how some Balinese try to protect their children from evil spirits. When the baby reaches this age, a ceremony called ‘nyabutan’ is performed. Sometimes the parents even try to bamboozle the demons by switching the baby out for a cucumber or eggplant, and throwing it out of the door. If you’re looking for a baby gift with a bit of eastern mystique, look no further than these unusual Thai baby anklets.


Hope our ‘feeture’ gave you some baby gift ideas!


Watch this space for more ideas, facts and handy tips. If you’ve got a cool lead on an interesting gift or piece of baby-related info, why not let us know in the comments below?