Newborn Socks to Melt Your Heart

Newborn Socks to Melt Your Heart

October 25, 2016



            Next to newborn baby feet, there are few things more perfect than newborn baby socks. We’ve been drooling over some of the best toe-cosies the internet has to offer…


Top Socks for Newborns

  • ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’

‘No, baby socks, little superman socks with capes on!’

Yes, that’s right: these socks turn your newborn’s feet into tiny homages to the Man of Steel. If only they’d release All Star Superman as a board book…


  • More like booties or slippers, calling these socks might be a bit of a stretch. However they are definitely awesome. The hand-crocheted shark ‘socks’ from Melody’s Makes are out of this world… or at least off of dry land, anyway.


  • For the baby with luxurious tastes, these beautiful cashmere baby socks are bound to impress. If that won’t do, then check out these humble offerings from Gucci. It’s a shame they’ll only get a few months use, really!


  • These newborn socks from Happy Jellyfish are nice, but the way they’re packaged is frankly delicious. Made to look like little balls of ice cream with sprinkles on, the six pairs in each pack come nestled in an egg box.


  • Expecting a cold snap? You might need some heavy duty newborn socks, such as these ones from Cozy Toes in the wilds of New Zealand. They’re made from Merino wool which is famed for its warmth and softness.


  • And here are the very frilliest, laciest, fanciest socks we could find: they’re not subtle, admittedly. Made by Kinder Care, they feature a bow, lace frills, satin ribbon AND a bit of bling at the ankle. Your baby may receive jealous looks from can-can dancers and ballerinas, but if you’ve got a little princess (or prince if you want to start the battle against gender stereotyping early) in the making, these are show stoppers.


  • For those who like their socks on a grander scale, we found this sock swaddle for newborns from Pride socks. Although I personally wouldn’t use it for putting little one to bed because I’d be concerned that his/her hips wouldn’t have space to stretch, it certainly makes an adorable photo prop.


So that’s our round up of some of the most interesting newborn socks. Of course, if you’re looking for funky, practical socks- made by a mom to stay on- then look no further than our very own Cheski Socks.


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