3 Products To Invest In For Your  Pregnancy

3 Products To Invest In For Your Pregnancy

July 28, 2016

Creature comforts are paramount for a pleasant pregnancy.

Pregnancy is intense. You should at least be comfortable.

As any expectant woman can tell you, pregnancy is a new, fun, and exciting time of anticipation and change.  There’s also a plethora of annoying stuff they don’t tell you.  Dietary restrictions abound, your body is LITERALLY taken over by a another human being, and then next person to tell me to sleep now is going to get hospitalized (unless they have a solution for me that allows me to continue to sleep through my 5 trips to the bathroom throughout the night).  Through the pregnancies I’ve found a few products that deserve recognition and are 1000% worth their weight in gold.  Check them out:


 1 ) Mommee Coffee -

The list of pregnancy dietary restrictions is long and delicious and filled with bummers. Among the most difficult: no alcohol, no caffeine, no sushi… and it goes on. However, the genius women who founded Mommee Coffee have come up with the answer to one of the most dearly departed life necessities. COFFEE.  The coffee comes in decaff, ¼ caff, ½ caff, and full caff.  Besides being able to easily control your caffeine consumption, Mommee Coffee is low acid so your heartburn won’t go raging out of control. It’s also organic because….pregnancy.  Also, not to be overlooked is how ridiculous delicious it tastes. 


2) Amazing Maternity Jeans -

For the love of god please buy yourself one really nice pair of maternity jeans. I learned this the hard way during my first pregnancy. I bought a handful of really *achem* affordable maternity pants.  The remainder of my pregnancy ensued with me constantly pulling up and adjusting my pants.  It was incredibly aggravating.  Round 2: I made a bonfire with my maternity pants of pregnancy past and went out and splurged on one really nice pair of maternity jeans.  All you need is one really.  Depending on how much time you plan to spend in them you can wash them when you get home at night or during a legging day.  You’ll feel good about your investment because you wear them all the time and you won’t be cursing to yourself every time you sit down or bend over

3) Comfortable Slip on Shoes -

A time will come when bending over to mess with shoe buckles and zippers just won’t be in the cards.  A comfy pair of shoes that don’t require any hands to get on or off are a creature comfort you’ll be glad you have when flip flops or rain boots won’t do the trick.