Sacksful of Super Gifts for Babies

Sacksful of Super Gifts for Babies

December 08, 2016

When there’s a new baby in the family, finding a new gift isn’t always easy.

Do you go practical or fun? How can you avoid buying the same thing as everyone else? I’ve been hunting down more perfect baby presents than you can shake a stick at:


Gifts for playing


If the baby was born early in the year and is now a bit older, it could be a good time to buy a ride-on. I fell in love with this ridiculous pink horse from Happy Hopperz. They also do other silly animals, all a bit more forgiving on rough and tumble babies than the wooden or plastic variety. These bouncy ride-ons also have the bonus of being blow-up, so when they fall out of favor they can simply be deflated and bunged in the loft.


Alternatively, this badass roadster ain’t cheap, but it is beautiful. If you think your family will get the mileage out of it (teehee), then it’s available from The White Company.


A decent play-gym would make a fantastic baby gift. It’s the sort of thing that parents might not buy for the baby themselves, but can be lots of fun. This one from Bright Starts includes lots of items that you can position to encourage reaching and rolling. When your little one starts to stand and terrify you by using the arches for support, you can take these off leaving the play-mat behind. The tiger can also be detached to play funky music long after the gym has been packed away.


Gifts for Eating


A nice dinner set for a baby is not only practical but also makes a nice keepsake for parents. I wanted this one by Martin Gulliver and this Peter Rabbit set (both from John Lewis) in grown-up size.


Gifts for Wearing


When babies will insist on growing in the most rampant, inconvenient manner possible, clothes are always an excellent gift. It is simply not possible to have too many onesies or body suits, and socks that stay on would be good too!


I was surprised to discover that festive diapers exist. In England they can be found at Asda, and in the US, there are Christmas cloth diapers galore; Hanukkah versions also available.


Gifts for Carrying

A baby carrier is another very handy thing that is sometimes beyond the budget of a newborn’s parents. They’re invaluable for transport, bonding and often just getting the little fiend to sleep. For me ergoBaby is hard to beat for sturdiness, adjustability and comfort. Ours fits both me and my husband, who are totally different shapes and sizes. This being said, they are pricey. There are other slings and carriers available for a fraction of the cost, but with bodies and preferences varying wildly, it might be better to give a voucher designated for the purpose.


Gifts for the Whole Year


You can buy a subscription box for just about anything these days, and babies are no exception. The most well-known is probably TheBabyGuyBox, which sends you a selection of bits and bobs including toiletries and toys to experiment with every month. For in depth descriptions of the items that arrive, reviews and discounts, My Subscription Addiction is a genius resource. If you want to treat a new Mom, here’s an awesome list from Babble.



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