The Cute, The Rad and The Lovely: Beautiful Leather Baby Shoes

The Cute, The Rad and The Lovely: Beautiful Leather Baby Shoes

November 01, 2016

Can’t wait to buy your baby’s first leather shoes? There’s a vast selection online. Here are our picks:


Brilliant Leather Baby Shoes


There are few things cuter than seeing your little person in tiny copies of your grown-up favourites. All you Converse fans can buy mini leather versions of the originals. Even if you aren’t a ‘convert’, these little sneakers are pretty adorable. If you’re raising a punk-in-training, then look no further than these scaled down Doc Martens- next step, tiny Mohawk!


These leather baby shoes actually made me envious. Aja Lor- selling through Etsy- makes incredible baby-brogues. She also offers a range of other bright colours in canvas. They’re handmade to order so if you fancy a pair make sure you order well in advance. And see if she can do a UK adult’s size six while you’re at it.


You may have heard that shoes can make a big impact on your child’s still forming feet. Happy Little Soles has gathered a selection of baby shoes just for you. My personal favourites were those from Rose and Chocolate, which feature leather outer and inners and a flexible rubber sole. For other options, the American Podiatric Medical Association has a list of approved children’s shoe brands.


Some of the most beautiful baby shoes can be found at French designers, IKKS. Not cheap, but definitely stunning, these soft leather shoes for girls will definitely stand out from the crowd.


For those awkward times when baby needs a shoe that isn’t quite formal, but stops short of being a boat shoe, be sure not to miss these jaw-droppingly pricey (though gorgeous) loafers. These leather baby shoes from TOD’s come in three sophisticated colourways. Babies tend to need new shoes every couple of months, and by starting early, you too can be bankrupt before the end of the first year.


If your wallet isn’t quite as flexible, Bobux make and sell a huge variety of babies’ and children’s shoes. These guys also have a spot on the APMA’s list of shoes that will be gentle on your baby’s soft little feet. Other sensibly priced leather baby shoes can be found at sites like The Friendly Rooster and Tiny Soles. Watch the sale sections of these shops to catch impressive reductions on big brands like Pediped and Umi.



Hopefully our little shopping spree has whetted your appetite for leather baby shoes. There’s definitely more to be found. Let us know if you discover something awesome. Why not take a snap of your baby’s first leather shoes and show us on Instagram or Pinterest.