Our Story

Hi! I'm Beth, the founder and of CEO Cheski Sock Company. We are an innovative sock company for babies and toddlers featuring socks designed by me to stay put on little feet. Like the mother of all invention, we are born of necessity.

After we found out we were expecting our daughter, I dove in head first to the internet. If it was pregnancy or baby related, I was reading it and researching it ad nauseum. There was a products for everything.

With all the new parent problem solving products, I hadn't considered socks would be the bane of my new parent existence.  They fell off almost immediately. And, they shrank to an un-useable size after 1 washing. I scoured stores and the internet for better sock brands, which turned out even worse. They stayed on for SECONDS at best.

I was struggling with breast feeding, trying to recover from a C-section, wondering why my baby was molting on her head and covered in baby acne, coming to terms with my post-partum body, and wondering why all my friends had vanished. No one said it was going to be easy but on top of everything, I was fighting a constant losing battle with SOCKS?!

On one particularly bad sock day, I looked at my husband and said, " Why can't anyone design a baby sock that stays on?? Never mind I am going to do it!"

Fast forward almost 2 years and 5 rounds of prototypes and testing and we launched Cheski Sock Company, September 2014.

Since the launch, we have had an amazing response with overwhelmingly positive feedback.  In 2016, We are happy to be expanding our sizing, adding new designs, and changing our packaging to a multi-purpose diaper bag accessory!

-Beth Dioli