"These infant socks are not only adorable, but incredibly well made! I went in search of a sock that would stay on my little peanuts feet in spite of his overly active little legs (I swear he is going to grow up to be a cyclist or break dancer!) I could put any other sock on this kid and it would be off in 60 seconds OR LESS! A friend of mine told me about Cheski Socks, and although I was doubtful, I gave them a try. WOW, I am SO glad that I did!!! These are the only sock that will stay on his feet! LIFESAVERS! Don't hesitate to buy these socks- you will love them and your little one's feet will finally stay warm!" - Amazon
"I really love how the Cheski socks feel. I also love that I didn't have to worry about them fitting or falling off after I washed them. I can finally stop looking for the missing socks my daughter just kicked off! " -Stacie Atherton
"Cheski socks are so cute. I love that I don't have to worry about keeping my daughter's
feet warm any more. They are perfect on their own and under her PJs." - Miriam Lowe
" After trying Cheski socks, I re-tried other socks I already had. There is NO comparison. Within minutes the other socks had slid off! I would very much recommend Cheski socks!" - Julie Hart
"New go to shower gift since getting them at mine! Only socks that stayed on my 6lb early term baby and now are used (at a month old) at night time along w a tshirt for easy diaper changes and never even slide down! Was concerned about the fit since they are 0-6 months but the design does its job and keeps them right in place. Attached picture is of original design that we also have." - Meschatts